Nike’s Lunarfly+2 Trail – Comfort Right Out Of The Box

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The Lunarfly+2 Trail is for the neutral to mild over-pronator who requires cushioning with a hint of stability. It’s Nike+ ready so you can have your iPod set to play along with you. Comes in 3 color ways and is very lightweight. Let’s take a closer look at all its features that makes it such an outstanding trail shoe that buttah loves so much.

Lunarlon Midsole

lunarlon1 Nikes Lunarfly+2 Trail   Comfort Right Out Of The Box

Lunarlon midsole

On the sole of the shoe is the Lunarlon cushioning, a soft foam core and a supportive foam carrier. The dynamic and unique blend delivers lightweight, plush, springy and responsive support without added weight or added height that you may have expected. It’s such a unique blend of foams that it will blow you mind!

BRS 1000 Carbon Outsole

brs Nikes Lunarfly+2 Trail   Comfort Right Out Of The Box

BRS 1000 Carbon Outsole

The BRS 1000 carbon rubber outsole delivers maximum durability in high-wear areas, is lightweight and  very grippy. It’s also an environmentally preferred rubber with angled waffle lugs for optimal grip on uneven terrain. In addition, wide spaces between lugs allow for quick and easy mud shedding. Nike’s been using it on their shoes for some time now and placing it on Lunarfly+2 Trail was an excellent move for its customers. We get the best materials, period.

Gusseted Tongue

When you’re out on the trail and twigs, leafs etc. get tossed up in the air, you don’t want them landing in your shoe. The gusseted tongue on the Lunarfly keeps debris at bay. The inner booty wraps around your foot snuggly and firmly with no chance of debris matter getting in. It’s a clever design. From the outside of the shoe, you cannot tell it’s even there. It is, however, an essential part of the shoe and a part you’ll be glad is there once out on the trail.

Microfiber Synthetic Overlays

microfiber3 Nikes Lunarfly+2 Trail   Comfort Right Out Of The Box

microfiber synthetic overlays

Nike has always been a company who thinks ahead. The textile used in this shoe is a great example. To shave off weight, they used one piece of material. It’s ultra-lightweight, very tightly woven and has a nice feel to it. Additionally, this microfiber fabric is treated with a durable water repellent ( DWR ) making the Lunarfly+2 Trail water proof.  This is huge when out on the trail when in light rain. We want to stay dry as possible an this affords us to do this with ease.

On top of this microfiber fabric are structural pieces that hold the shoe together in critical ares where the forces are the greatest. Therefore, you get weight savings, sweat evaporation from the shoe to the outside and air is allowed to flow in to the shoe for maximum ventilation. The fibers act as structural support for the shoe along with added durability. The body of the shoe is strong enough to hold you in during downhill running, scrambling over rocks and other trail obstacles. Finally, reflective accents allow for visibility in low light conditions.

Overall Impression

pair Nikes Lunarfly+2 Trail   Comfort Right Out Of The Box

Lunarfly+2 Trail

Right out of the box these Lunarfly’s were so comfortable I went on a 5 mile hike the very first day. No break in period was needed. I was very impressed with the cushioning. I have a very high instep so my heel and metatarsals is all that I have for support on impact. Plus, I wear orthotics. Orthotics place my foot about 1/2 inch above normal and the Lunarfly is deep enough to accommodate them. Secondly, the weight of these shoes is ridiculous. They’re featherweight. You hardly notice they’re on your feet … really. I like that. You can move faster with less weight. Third, I love the gusseted tongue. The way it’s built into the shoe, hardly noticeable and built into the booty is beautiful design wise. Your foot is wrapped is cushiony comfort. Finally, the overall comfort of the shoe is magnificent, superb, brilliant!

I’ve played basketball since I was in forth grade and wore many  different shoes growing up. I’ve tried them all. These are up there with the best of the best … and I’ve tried many a shoe over the last 3 and a half decades. These shoes are that comfortable. They come in 3 color ways, women’s lasts also. At $85 they’re a steal. That’s my opinion anyway. Hope you like your pair.

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