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BlogGlue, formerly known as Arkayne, connects you to other blogs that you recommend and shows your posts at the and of each of your partners posts. It does this via a plugin made available for WordPress, Drupal and Blogger. Let’s go through the entire process and see if BlogGlue is right for you.

Plugin Available

You first need to install the plugin to your site. It’s available for WordPress, Drupal and Blogger so most blogs are covered. We next go to the community section and select your partners. The idea is to select blogs whose content is relevant to yours. This makes sense for you want your blog posts on sites where the content is like your own. The plugin handles all the behind the scenes magic so you don’t have to do a thing.

What happens is that your blog posts are shown after the posts of your recommended partners. Conversely, their blog posts are shown at the bottom of your posts. It’s a great way of building a community network of related blogs. The more partners you have, the more links will be shown and that’s where pricing comes into play.

traffic from BlogGlue

traffic from BlogGlue

Pricing has three tiers … free, $10/month and $20/month. With the free subscription, you can have 5 partners and 200 posts. That’s a great deal to try out BlogGlue and see if it works for you. Next at $10/month you get 15 partners and 1,000 posts. Lastly, the $20/a month plan gives you Unlimited partners and 5,000 posts.

Graphical Statistical Data

The plugin handles all the statistical data for you such as click through rate, which posts are popular, which partner is popular or giving you clicks and the number of internal and external links.

internal links from BlogGlue plugin

Internal links generated by BlogGlue plugin

The BlogGlue Dashboard

The dashboard is where  the administration of the plugin happens. From here you can un-recommend and recommend existing or new partners respectively. The dashboard also shows you in graphical form all of your generated traffic, internal and external links.

You enter your blog into 3 of the many categories. Obviously, you want to match your blog with the related category so your posts will get more traffic. There’s technology, business, outdoors and others so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

My Results

I’ve been using BlogGlue for about 2 weeks now and I can definitely see a spike in traffic from the traffic generated by the plugin. I plan to continue to use BlogGlue and eventually, get more partners ( I have 3 now ) and settle in on a pricing plan for my blog. I suggest you try out the free version and get it a try. You have nothing to loose and all to gain.

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