My Dealings With Adobe – This Is Insane!

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I had just posted about why you need to upgrade to Dreamweaver (DW) CS5. All good there. I had tried out CS5 on a trial basis for thirty days as you’re allowed. I liked it and Fireworks (FW) enough that I went ahead and purchased both DW and FW as single applications and not as part of the Creative Suite. Was I in for a surprise when I went to install them.

Surprise Surprise

I spent hours trying to install each one. I went online and downloaded the Install Error App that gives you clues to why your install is happening. Oh, a permission problem with the folder I put my apps in. OK, change the permissions and all will be good. Well not so fast. Still trying to install them, the install would not take my CS4 serial numbers. After several attempts at trying CS4, CS3 and Studio 8 I finally called support. A fine English speaking man in New Delhi helped me find out the following … Since I’m running a suite, a single application of DW and/or FW will not install because it is not a suite product, it’s just a single app. So in other words I cannot install an individual application from the Creative Suite to a Creative Suite … I must purchase the entire suite to have them install.

Zero Value

Is this Adobe’s way of making more money? Am I the only one this has happened too? You’re going to tell me I cannot just install a single application of my preference from Adobe and have it work along side my other applications? This is insane! It’s hard to believe yet this is just what happened today. I’ve spent hours by myself trying to install and a good hour of waiting on hold then telling me my product won’t work. Here’s the kicker. They do not want to return the boxes of apps. Just cancel the serial numbers and throw them away. If the cost is more than $800 I think they want their boxes back and I only spent $374 so just go ahead and dump them in the trash. They are of no value anymore.

Upgrade for More

So for about $300 more, I get to have DW / FW CS5 on my Mac all working in perfect order. After this experience, I think I’ll just hold off for another year and wait until CS6 comes out. With Adobe’s cycle of new software coming out every 18 months, it will be at Christmas time I’ll reward myself and get the new suite. I see no other way. Maybe then they’ll put together a suite of programs other than the current suite that I can actually use all the time. As it is now, I use FW and DW. On occasions that an image needs an overhaul that FW cannot manage, I go to Photoshop. For me, FW handles bitmap and vectors superbly so I rarely use Photoshop or Illustrator. And to think I must purchase the entire suite just to have a few new programs on my machine, well, this just won’t do.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Buy us all or get nothing at all. I feel trapped by this big corporation. I must either purchase the whole lot or go home with what I came with. I’m taking the second option at this point in time. CS4 works great and the newer features in both applications I’ll just have to wait. It’s not the money it’s the principle. It’s a strange scenario of a big company wanting more from their customers. It’s just not right and it’s rather an odd way of doing business. I’m looking forward to Christmas and I’ll report back then on CS6.

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