.Net Magazine May Issue Out Now

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.Net Magazine

.Net Magazine for May is another issue packed with great feature articles and tutorials. Included is a fantastic article on choosing the right CMS from WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many more. Also, an article on choosing the right color for your site by knowing your audience, knowing cultural differences, making your brand stand out and brightening up your site for younger audiences.

Nicolas Gallengher writes a very good article on enhancing your CSS with pseudo element hacks … creating interesting effects without compromising your html.

The techniques section focuses on tutorials with one using CSS to control aspect ratio of your images. An HTML5 tutorial on enhancing forms and how to implement them.

And as always , there’s the news section, question and answer section, website build-off, web makeover and other interesting sections worth reading.

Head over to .net for a subscription and learn as you go.

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