My Essential WordPress Plugins – Part 1

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WordPress Plugins – Part 1

With the tons of WordPress (WP) plug-ins available it was a trial and error finding the right ones to use to make buttah design run smoothly. Almost every plug-in I use now was replaced by different plug-ins by different authors. I tried them, see how they worked, noticed if it could be improved and if so moved on to the next one. So what follows is a list of plug-ins that have changed through the months being replaced with the best in class for that plug-in. No favoritism was given to anyone. I simply use the best plug-in for that class and after trying many different plug-ins, these are the final ones I decided to use.


akismet spam detector

akismet spam detector

I heard of Akismet initially from blogging so I thought I’d give it a try. It works beautifully and seamlessly in the background catching any spam that comes in through my comments. It has yet to fail or give me an incorrect reading on spam content. It’s automatic and go. Use it, you’ll be glad you do.

Counts Per Day

counts per day chart

counts per day chart showing reads and visits per day

I like to see numbers and with Counts Per Day, I have access to visitors per day and reads per day right there in my dashboard. It also totals the amount of visitors per post per day which is nice so I know which posts are doing well. Great for future writing. It also shows the countries of my visitors and it’s nice to know buttah design is worldwide in almost 60 countries now. Finally, it shows last months reads and visitors and last week’s reads and visitors. A great little analytical plug-in that makes it easy to see my statistics without leaving the dashboard or going to Google Analytics.

Feedburner Feedsmith

rss feed

100% RSS feed aggregator

Feedburner Feedsmith detects all the different ways to access your original WordPress feeds and redirects them to your FeedBurner feed so you can track every possible subscriber. When a user goes to my RSS feeds and chooses Feedburner or the other options to read my feed; Feedburner, NetNewsWire, NewsFire, NewsGator, netvibes or others, all these different ways to get my feed are assembled and counted so I have an accurate count for my feeds. Perfect!

Google Analytics for WordPress

ga-set it and forget it

Google Analytics for WP – set it once and you’re good to go.

The SEO plug-in to have. I’ve written about Google Analytics for WordPress before here and this plug-in takes care of all my SEO needs. What I really like is when you’re creating a post, it has a post title area resembling what your post will look like in Google or another search engine. This way, you can really fine tune the title for SEO purposes and raise your rankings.

Additionally, it has simple integration with Google Analytics. Put your code in the dialog box and you’re done. It also has integration with Adsense, custom variables and a whole lot more. Read up on it, install it and you’re set with SEO knowing all is handled superbly.

Google XML Sitemaps

sitemap dialog box

successful sitemap creation and sending

This is a must have for Google XML Sitemaps generates a sitemap for use in Google, Yahoo and all other search engines. It’s simply set it and forget it. It sends the sitemaps to the top 4 search engines those being Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. For more information on sitemaps go to


service icons

The 80+ service icons to choose from.

Sexybookmarks by Shareaholic presents social bookmarking icons at the end of each of your post. What’s nice is that you get to choose which services you want to support from the 80+ icons available. Best of all, it tracks your posts hits for each service in a  graphical interface showing which posts are most shared by what service and by what country. Beautiful!

Enough for now. Stay tuned to part 2 where I deliver the second half of essential wordpress plug-ins that buttah design uses daily on his site. We’ll look at what I do with my images, my related posts and others. Look for it tomorrow.

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