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With blogs having images on every page it’s important to optimize your images so they load faster, your page loads faster and hopefully, it will keep your visitors on your page longer. WP Smush.it optimizes your jpg images behind the scenes so you don’t have to do a thing.  Let’s take a look at optimization and this fine WordPress plugin.

I Optimize with Fireworks First

For every image I place in my blog, I first run it through Fireworks to optimize the image. The idea is to make the file size as small as possible and still keeping the image crisp. I run every image at 80% compression at least. Some I run at an even higher compression if I can. So before WP Smush.it ever sees or handles my images, it’s already been optimized.

Smush.it Works Behind the Scenes

Once uploaded, the Smush.it engine goes to work behind the scenes optimizing your images. Since I run them through Fireworks first, some images show no savings in file savings while others show a small file savings.

What it Specifically Does

What WP Smush.it specifically does is 1) optimizes jpg compression, 2) stripping un-used colors from indexed images, 3) stripping meta data from jpg file and 4) convert certain GIF files to PNG files. This final job is done with a check of the dialog box in the Smush.it settings.

wp smush.it jpg compressor

With Fireworks optimization

Notice below in the image from my media library, the Smush.it file savings is shown in percent and overall bytes. As you can see, the Smush.it engine significantly reduced the file size of this image after I forgot to use Fireworks beforehand. I think it’s imperative that you use this plugin just for that security alone.

wp smush.it jpg optimizer

Without Fireworks Optimization


There are instances where I forgot to use Fireworks prior to uploading my images and Smush.it took care of the image, compressing it as needed with the final file savings shown. The question is, do I really need to use Fireworks? It is a good habit to optimize your images prior to uploading them. If I can further reduce the images with Smush.it, that’s fine by me.


Overall, a fine plugin that makes optimizing images a breeze. Just upload your image and the plugin does all the work behind the scenes. No worries for you, nothing to configure and plain simple to use.

You can get the plugin on WordPress at this link.

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