.Net Magazine June Issue Out Now

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As you know, I’ve been receiving .Net Magazine for over 7 years now and I love it. Within are articles, tutorials and updates to the world of web design and development and this month’s issue doesn’t disappoint. It’s packed with features you’ll read cover to cover.

If you’re into Facebook, a whole section is devoted to it as a pro guide. Discover how to develop apps and websites that integrate with this world’s largest social network.

Also, learn how to optimize images for the mobile use. These are great tips that will prevent your site from hanging up on portable devices. Plus,

  • The top 10 uses of Flash today
  • Parse super-fast XML with PHP
  • Resize and edit images with canvas
  • Design perfect URL’s for your site
  • Master version control with Git
  • Create great product pages

You’ll also learn how too style up a tweet list with CSS3 using the nth-child class to seriously enhance your Twitter updates.

My favorite part of the magazine is the Web Pro section where Q and A is covered, topics on ecommerce, a great article on how important mobile search is for you and a fine article on exactly what is cloud computing.

While you’r at it, you might as well get a subscription to this great publication over at .Net.

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