How Routines Spark Creativity

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You daily rituals from the moment you awake to the time you go to lunch, from afternoon to evening, many of us have the same routines. They are thoughtless in nature and allow our mind to wander aimlessly  from the design project today to the one upcoming. I have found that these often mundane tasks free us and enable enhanced creativity in every project by freeing our mind of thinking about them. Thus our minds are free to create whether we know it or not.

Routines are Non-Thinking Activities

Think about it. You have your morning coffee, read the paper, hit the shower a quarter to six, pop out and start the drive to work along the same roads daily.  Without giving it second thought, our minds are free to wonder, to dream, to create and design in the back our our minds, our subconscious. That is freedom. That liberating feeling of doing what you want when you want and all the tasks you need to handle create a huge vacuum of space within our minds to develop new ideas and build the neuro-pathways so we remember them.

Almost Like Meditation

Personally, these times of free thinking are my meditation time … a gift I give myself daily. Think about all the energy it would take if you had to mentally take in those tasks, put thought into them, the mental energy you would have to give those dull duties on any given day. I have found that as long as I have a routine, a daily ritual that I go through, I perform better, I design better. I allow myself to dream big and remember all the intricacies so when I get to my Mac, off I go.

Breakthrough In Full Detail

How many times have you been working on a not so interesting project or winding down in your routine before you start to work and then, bam … the genius thought comes to you … that breakthrough that you couldn’t figure out before all of a sudden comes to you in full detail and you know you got it? This happens to me countless times. Thoughtless tasks create the opportunity for imagination to foster into developing working ideas that you can use.

Inspiration in Routine

From routine comes inspiration! Now if you could only remember what it was that you did just then to create that inspiration. What was the initial spark that made the magic click? Often I believe we continue with our routine long after we need to looking for the spark that ignites the creative fire. It’s like we’re priming the pump before we start just so we can get to that point of brilliance. I know I do thoughtless mundane little tasks as I get my mind free to wonder and create. It is just after the non-thinking that those answers come and no brainstorming was even necessary.

The A-Ha Moment

I remember working on a site I couldn’t get to behave. I spent a good hour or so with no answers. I took a walk to free my mind and as I’m mid-way on my walk the answers came. It happens all too often to number. Maybe you can relate to those moments of creative thought coming right after working hard for results then you break and boom! The A-Ha moment of clarity. I love when that happens. So I try and try to remember what I did that brought about this inspiration and I conclude it’s always magic following thoughtlessness.

Free Your Mind

That non-thinking way of being is our entry into our creativity. And when you find yourself up against problems needing solutions or that moment of perfect clarity, take some time to get away from your work. Put some music on, dance, walk, anything that puts your mind in autopilot for you know once you go that route creativity is sure to follow. Don’t let anything interrupt this process. It is the key to fostering great ideas, accomplished works and creative thinking.

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