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CleanApp for Mac by Synium Software cleans your Mac of old applications, unused language packages, old files, old Preference Pane applications, cache files and a whole lot more. When you want to clean your system of all the old files and applications, this little app will do it with ease. It’s easy to use and at $15.00, CleanApp is worth having in your toolbox for everyday use. Let’s take a closer look and see what this wonderful app can do for you.

cleanapp menu

Uninstall Old Applications

With a Mac, every time you install a new application, many times the installer adds files and folders to your user name>application support or system hard drive> application support. In some instances, folders are added outside of these destinations even in the preference folder. When the time comes to delete the application, you must search and destroy ( delete) these other files and folders to get a clean application delete otherwise unneeded folders are left on your hard drive taking up valuable space.

CleanApp delete area

With CleanApp, just drag and drop the main application to the deletion window designated by a big green x in a circle which changes to red once the application is dropped. It then scores your hard drive for all of the files and folders associated with that application and marks them for deletion. Click the delete button and your application and all of its associated files and folders are moved to the trash. Simple, easy, fool proof!

Logging Service

CleanApp’s logging service records all changes made by your Mac on the file system level. CleanApp will provide a comprehensive and informed suggestions on which files to delete when uninstalling an application.

The logging service remembers which files and folders have been changed or created and by which application. It’s smart, built right in so you don’t have to worry about it.

Disk Usage

CleanApp has the ability to show you the largest files easily in graphic form so you can decide if that file is still needed. This way you can quickly free up large amounts of disc space. Getting your system and hard drive free of clutter has never bee easier.

disc usage in graphical form

Cleaning of Old Files and Relics

You know the drill, lots of files that are on your system and you’ve forgotten about many of them. This is where CleanApp comes into play. CleanApp displays a list of every file on your system starting with the date last used. Now that’s nice. It goes back in time and finds those old files you’ve forgotten about and even shows you the amount of disc space that particular file is taking up on your hard drive. Nice!

old files to delete

Old files to delete shown by date last used

Cleaning of Unused Language Files

Language files take up a huge amount of space on your hard drive. If you only use one particular language, why have all those languages installed? In CleanApp’s preferences, you can select which language files you want to delete. Now select a folder on your Mac and watch CleanApp hunt for those language packages and mark them for deletion. It’s fast, reliable and saves you much needed space that you can use in a better way than with unused language files.

language packages

language packages with related file size

Preference Pane Purification

Other files are taking up valuable space on your hard drive … widgets, System Preferences, system extensions and screen savers. CleanApp neatly organizes them for you so you can decide which ones stay and which ones go. Tidying up your system has never been easier.

system preference files

Archive Creation

Let’s say you have an application that you don’y want to delete and don’t want to delete either. CleanApp makes it easy to archive that application, put it where you want on your system so you can find it later. Just select the application and make it for archive. Again, easy, quick and always ready.


There are other applications that do much of what CleanApp does, App Zapper and Appcleaner, for example, but I have found CleanApp do out shine them both with ease of use and the number of options contained within. If you are in need of an applications that does it all and is lightening fast, CleanApp is the way to go.

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