Apple’s New Campus Coming To Cupertino

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Located just a stone throw away  from their current campus, Apple’s new campus to be completed in 2015 will be absolutely beautiful. It will be a 4 story complex with curved glass in a circular shape and surrounded by trees and other facilities. Below are pictures and more details of Apple’s plan.

The 150 acre site calls for a building to hold 12, 000 Apple employees. There will be a 4 story underground parking structure topped with a 4 story circular building with glass panels.  Apples success in their retail stores, many made of large pieces of glass, has shown them they can use these pieces of glass on a large scale for this project.

The building will also hold a cafeteria and allow for feeding of 3, 000 employees at a time. There will also be a corporate fitness center with running paths that go around the campus.

What’s really amazing is the design of the building. A 4 story, circular building with huge glass panels surrounding the entire structure. It really does look like an alien spaceship has landed. Apple’s commitment to make there products not just average but the best they can be and their commitment to all the things they do really shows in this building architect. Apple’s building has a lot more cost associated with it then a typical square building but then Apple never does anything ordinary.

The plan also calls for the planting of thousands of new trees to give the campus a deep in the woods feeling. With just the main building exposed above ground, the site will make an impact to anyone that sees it.

The whole presentation by Steve Jobs to the Cupertino City Council can be viewed here.

Apple's new campus 1

Apple's new campus 2



Apple's new campus 3

Apple's new campus 4


Apple's new campus 5

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