Hacking Lion To The Classic Snow Leopard Look

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When I first downloaded and viewed Apple’s Lion operating system, some of my favorite ways of viewing where gone. I didn’t like the new Mail look, the user Library was gone and I searched and tried to find fixes to bring it back to the Classic Snow Leopard look which I loved. Below are those tips and tricks I have found that you may find very useful yourself.

User Library – Bringing it back

Apple new operating system (OS) is supposed to be user friendly and keeps think minimal so you don’t have to worry about messing up your system. Hiding the user Library was one such feature that I just didn’t like at all. I’m knowledgeable enough to know what stays and what goes when I go in there to clean things up or need to add an item to the Library.

It’s funny. Apple keeps the system Library flyer visible, a folder that if played with can really do some mismanagement to your system. They keep the User folder of the Library hidden and I don’t know why. User friendliness I guess.

The Fix

In the Terminal type the following:  chflags nohidden ~/Library/

Your user Library folder will now be visible.

Scroll Bars – Make Them Appear

Apple’s scroll bars like to disappear as they do in IOS. If you don’t like scroll bars this is fine. And if you’re like me that loves to see scroll bars for fast page viewing by using a mouse and not the scroll pad on a MacPro, they’re essential to viewing pages of information.

The Fix.

The fix is rather simple. To to SystemPreferences>General and go to the words Show Scroll Bars and click the Always checkbox. You now have scroll bars appearing when needed. By the way, the default behavior is the first one at the top, ‘Automatically Based On Your Input Device’, which will hide your scroll bars.

scroll bars


Apple Mail – Bring Back the Classic Version

Some people like the new Mail and others, including myself, prefer the old Snow Leopard look. And while this new look is an improvement design wise, not all are digging the look. Maybe you like the messages at the top and the message below. In any case it’s a quick click to fix this.

The Fix

To bring back the Classic Snow Leopard look of Mail, open Mail and go to preferences. Go to Viewing. The very first checkbox, Use Classic View is to be checked and you’re done. Apple Mail just as you like it.

apple mail


As you can see, these small changes or fixes to bring back that Classic look many of us love is very easy to do. You’ll have the best of both worlds, a top notch operating system with the look and feel of the old Snow Leopard that you’re used to. It all works out very nicely.

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