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About Buttah Design

What we specifically do:

Tee Shirt Designs

Business Cards

Custom Letterhead


Greeting & Thank you Cards


Project Management

Visual Design

Digital Design


Marketing Materials

About Buttah Design

Buttah Design is a small creative studio founded by Barry La Vette, based in West Los Angeles, California. We design and develop websites, create t-shirts and assorted artwork, and train people to use their Macs.

A designer, athlete, and Mac enthusiast, Barry is the founder and principal of Buttah Design. Buttah has been Barry’s nickname in one form or another since he was a child. The name has stuck since!

Barry took up studies in sports medicine at Pepperdine University and graduate studies in exercise physiology at San Diego State University Graduate School. While working in medicine, the internet took off and after courses in web design and development and countless hours of self-tutelage in these areas, he started Buttah Design. As more people found out about his artistry and attention to detail in web page design/development, t-shirt artwork, print media, creative writing, and mac training, an online presence was needed and this site is a result of that journey.

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